1. Definitions:
  1. Us/We/Our:  Ailo Pty Ltd (ACN 603 174 714) otherwise known as Ailo.  Ailo is the owner of a property management technology platform providing services to the Property Management industry.
  2. You/Your:  The Company identified in the EULA accepted by You.
  3. EULA:  The End User License Agreement supplied by Ailo and accepted by You.
  4. Payment Request:  Your authorisation for Us to direct debit Your nominated credit card.
  5. Ailo Module:  The specific Ailo service supplied by Us to You and identified in the EULA.
  6. SMS:  Messages sent by Ailo via a Telecommunications vendor to Your contacts mobile on Your instruction.

2.  This document sets out the terms and conditions on which we invoice and accept payments.

3.  The Ailo Module shall be supplied to You on either a month to month or on an annual term basis as detailed in Your EULA.

4.  The Ailo Module fee is based upon a subscription fee module.  The subscription fee model requires You to pay a fee linked to the number of properties under management within Your Company.  The Ailo Module fee also includes any SMS costs incurred in the use of the service.

5.  The fee model and fees that You will be charged are identified within the EULA.  

6.  The fee model and fees are subject to change from time to time.  Any changes to Your fees or Your fee model will be communicated to You in writing at least 30 days prior to implementation.  If You do not accept the new fee model or fees You must contact Us in writing at hello@ailo.io within 14 days immediately cancelling Our agreement otherwise the Payment Request will remain authorised.

7.  We will direct debit Your subscription fees from Your nominated credit card on the anniversary of Your monthly or annual term.  This direct debit will be one term in advance.  Direct debits will continue until You cancel the direct debit as per clause 17.  

8.  The fees associated with Our supply of SMS messaging services to You will be direct debited from Your credit card monthly in arrears irrespective of Your term.

9.  Upon Us direct debiting Your nominated credit card You will be emailed with a receipt branded as Ailo.  The receipt will also act as Your invoice.  The receipt will detail both Your subscription fees in advance and Your SMS fees in arrears.  The direct debit will be detailed on Your credit card statement by by Your financial institution as Ailo Pty Ltd.

10.  Where Your direct debit is declined We will email You with a declined email receipt.  We will automatically represent Your fees for direct debiting four (4) days after the initial decline.

11.  Where You fail to pay Your subscription fees or SMS fees within 30 days of your invoice we will suspend Your Ailo Module until all fees are paid.

12.  We reserve the right to refer Your unpaid fees to a debt collector and charge You all costs of fee collection.

13.  We reserve the right to direct debit You any transaction or merchant fees or charges We may incur from Our payment processor, bank or credit card scheme.  These charges will be notified to you within your fee model.

14.  We reserve the right to direct debit You any fines or charges We may incur from our payment processor, bank or credit card scheme as a result of You inappropriately using Your credit card when paying Us.

15.  If you have any issues or concerns with the fee model, the fees direct debited or the receipt provided by US then You should contact Ailo at hello@ailo.io indicating your customer number, name, mobile number and the issue.  An Ailo support office will be in contact to review the issue with You within 48 hours..  

16.  Refunds will be provided where Ailo fails to supply You the Alio Module as agreed within the EULA for a period of greater than 7 days.  Refunds will only be for fees relative to the period of non-supply of service.  Refunds will not be provided where You request the Ailo Module be cancelled during a term.

17.  The direct debit authorisation will continue until You contact Us in writing at hello@ailo.io requesting the direct debit be cancelled.   Cancellations require 1 months notice and will be processed at the end of completion of the term.

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